Kiddie Motor kidde rides

4 Jan

Kiddie Motor kidde rides



Detailed Product Description






Funny Motor kiddie rides
size: W1500*D750*H1200mm
weight: 200kg power: 200W
fiber glass material
many hot music




Funny motor kiddie rides


1. lovely motor design and wonderful music attract kids;


2. stable back and forward, very safe for kids to sit in;


3. it makes kids feel fun and comfortable;


4. hot and saleable in the world market;


5. it’s suit for rental shop, supermarket, amusement park and other business purpose.




How to play:


1. kids sit on the motor;


2. insert coin to start the game;


3. the screen will show wonderful video;


4. popular music playing automatically;


5. kids sit comfortable, and enjoy the back forward swing.




Leading Time:  It is up to the quantity,below 50pcs is within15 days; more than 50pcs is 30 days.


Tachnicians: Our company provide technicians with test installation service by professional skill and knowledge, and make sure all the game machines work well before delivery.




After-sale service:


One year warranty for key component,during the time,we will send new parts to change yours,and show you how to install and how to mend; After one year, if you need help,we will sincerely provide professional knowledge to solve the problem for you.

Company name: Homing Amusement & Game Machine Co.,Limited
Mobile phone:+86-18688409495
Contact person:Jin
Address:No.143,YingXin Road,PanYu District,GuangZhou City,GuangDong P.R,China



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