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2012 Homing Game hot sell game machine recommend

4 Feb
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  BarBer Cut prize game machine                                   Kiddie Truck                                                      Target Zero kiddy rides
Size:L41 * W42 *H83cm                                                 Size:W1850*D800*H1650mm                          Size : W230cm*D199cm*H145cm                                   
Voltage:110V/220V                                                          Weight:100Kg                                                     Voltage:110V/220V
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Video Demo Play:                           Video Demo Play:           Video Demo Play:  
Mr Hammer redemption                                                   Space Air Hockey                                                       Fire House coin pusher
Size: 680*910*2250MM                                                    Size:W1230×D2100×H1650MM                                 Size :  W2050*D1900*H1650mm                               
Weight:170KG                                                                        Weight:170KG                                                             Weight:450Kg
Price Enquiry                                                             Price Enquiry                                                     《 Price Enquiry >
Video Demo Play:                               Video Demo Play:
Penny press prize                                                          Chase Duck redemption                                                     Funny Racing Car Kiddie Rides
Size: W600*D660*H2020mm                                   Size:W1110xD1880xH2080                                                      Size :W1100*D2100*H1180mm
Weight:139KGS                                                            Weight:225KG                                                                         Weight:143kg
Price Enquiry                                                       《 Price Enquiry                                                                《 Price Enquiry
Video Demo Play:                   Video Demo Play:
Jumpin Jactpot Redemption                                                   LOCO BOWLING Redemption                               3D OutRun Racing car game (HD)
Size: W1335×D810×H1960mm                                                Size:L3.0*W0.92*H2.25m                                          Size:2120*1150*2150(mm)
Weight:107KG                                                                           Color:Blue                                                                     Power:0.3-0.45KW
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  Video Demo Play:                                                                                              Video Demo Play:
Toy Story Crane Machine                                                  Cotton Candy DIY vending                                             Boxing game machine(Out fit Coca Cola)
Size:80*86*192cm                                                              Size:W650*D540*H1550mm                                           Size:1400×1300×2150MM
Weight:100KG                                                                    Weight:33KG                                                                         Weight:155KGS
Price Enquiry 》                                                          Price Enquiry 》                                                            《 Price Enquiry
                                                                     Video Demo Play:                       Video Demo Play:      
Kinect Adventures arcade  video game machine                          TT Moto racing game                                                      Key Point push prize veding
Screen Size:100″ projection screen                                            Size:W2400*D2100*H1860mm                                         Size:W900*D980*H1830mm
Voltage:110V/220V                                                                             Weight:410kg                                                                   Weight:160KG
Price Enquiry 》                                                                             《 Price Enquiry                                                        《 Price Enquiry
 Video Demo Play:                                                                                                          Video Demo Play:
Kong Fu boxing game machine                                                  Street Basketball game machine                                          Hit Crocodile(Wani Wani)
Size:W950*D700*H2050mm                                                         Size :W1030*D2500*H2400mm                                                Size:W1140*D840*H1500mm 
 Weight:125KG                                                                               Weight:260kg                                                                             Weight:138KG
Price Enquiry                                                                     Price Enquiry                                                                  Price Enquiry
  Video Demo Play:  
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Kid LOCO kiddie rides

4 Jan
  • Kid LOCO kiddie rides
  • Dimension:W)135cm (D)71cm (H)140cm
  • Weight:80kgs
  • Brand Name:Homing Game
  • Payment Terms:T/T
  • Packing:Standard export packing
  • MOQ:1 piece
  • Color:as picture
  • Place of origin:GuangZhou,China
  • Type:Kiddie rides
  • Delivery Time:7-15 working days after receive deposit,depend on order quantity




Company name: Homing Amusement & Game Machine Co.,Limited
website: http://www.hominggame.com
Yahoo ID:jinmingliang@ymail.com
Mobile phone:+86-18688409495
Contact person:Jin
Address:No.143,YingXin Road,PanYu District,GuangZhou City,GuangDong P.R,China

Melody Spring redemption game machine

4 Jan

Melody Spring redemption game machine


  • Melody Spring redemption game machine
  • Size:W945*D1400*H2050
  • Power:250W
  • Voltage:220V/110V
  • Packing:Standard export packing
  • Place of origin:GuangDong,China
  • Brand Name:Homing
  • Delivery port:ZhongShan or GuangZhou
  • Type:redemption game machine,arcade game machine,carnival game machine,music redemption game machine,coin operated redemption game machine  
  • Play instructions:1.Insert your coin or token

    2.Press the piano keys as they lighted up.The more notes you get-The more tickets you will win.

    3.Collect your ticket.